Le terroir


Le terroir


Le Domaine Cailhol Gautran se situe sur les premiers contreforts du Massif Central. Le hameau de Cailhol est dans un vallon, creusé par une rivière : la Cessière. Comme sa grande sœur la Cesse, cette rivière découpe le Causse du Haut Minervois.

Les vignes se trouvent autour du domaine, dans un rayon de 3 kilomètres. La majeure partie des vignes se trouve sur le plateau de Cazelles. Le vignoble compte aujourd’hui 55 hectares de vignes en production.

Ces vignes sont implantées sur un plateau calcaire orienté au sud à 200 mètres d’altitude.

Domaine Cailhol Gautran is set amongst the rolling countryside, in the first foothills of the Massif Central.The hamlet of Cailhol lies in a valley carved out by a river – the Cessière.
Like the river this joins – the Cesse – it cuts through the limestone Causse of the Haut Minervois. The vineyards lie around the estate within a radius of 3 kilometres.
It is a scattered estate consisting of several vineyard plots of an average size of around one hectare.
The vineyards are planted on a sunny, south-facing limestone plateau at an altitude of 200 metres.

Grape varieties grown on the estate:

White varietals: Grenache Blanc, Muscat Petit Grain, Marsanne, Roussanne, Terret, Vermentino,

Grenache Gris and Roussanne.

Red varietals: Syrah, Grenache Noir, Carignan and Cinsault.

Vineyard cultivation:

The estate has followed a policy of reasoned agriculture since the beginning. Today we have begun conversion to having fully organic vineyards.
The aim is to have vineyards in good health, where yields are voluntarily limited. Great emphasis is placed on protecting the environment: ploughing and tilling are kept to a minimum to avoid soil erosion
and phytosanitary treatments are only applied when absolutely necessary.

We give great importance to cultivating our vineyards: the vines are wire-trained and maintained with great care, while natural grass cover is retained in winter.

Cellar work / Vinification

In the winery, we use traditional vinification methods. We place great importance on the quality of our grapes. We do not use any wine-making equipment liable to modify the intrinsic nature of our wines.

The whites are vinified either by direct pressing or using the skin contact maceration process.

The rosés are vinified by direct pressing too.

For the reds, we use two different wine-making processes:

– either the whole grapes are tipped directly into the vat: this is the carbonic maceration process,

– or we destalk and crush the grapes before putting them into the vat. In this case, we use the rack and return process during the fermentation period.