Our wine range

Here are our reds, whites, rose and muscat. Each of them has been produced under the same care, with due respect for its identity.


A light, fresh and fruity nose. A round mouth with ripe fruits notes. A final liquorice note that is typical of Carignan grapes.

cantus vitis

Fruits & spices for a supple wine with silky tannins.


A fresh and light-bodied white.



A superb red with a ruby robe and dark fruits notes (blackcurrants and mulberries).

muscat de saint jean

A very smooth and fine liquorous wine, with floral notes.

villa lucia ROUGE

A mediterranean mouth, with a long and expressive finish: a great product of our terroir.

villa lucia blanc

An oaked and full-bodied white, with a fruity start. A well-balanced cuvée.


A fine, charming and elegant rosé.

la table du loup

An expressive and open nose with minty notes. Fresh and fruity.


Whether in the winery or in the vineyards, we try to keep our intervention to the minimum. Not using chemicals allows wildlife to flourish amongst our vines and we strive to work alongside nature and the “wild boar which patrol our land”.

All of our parcels are picked and fermented separately, this allows our unique terrior to fully express itself.


We make all of our red wine (this represents 1300hL!) without added sulfites. Since 2014, part of our red wine is aged in terracotta jars alongside oak barrels.

We add no sulphur before fermentation and only a minimum to the white and rose wines just before bottling.

All of the wines of the domaine are now certified organic.

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